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An attractive, functional website is no longer optional for your business. It is, quite simply, something that you can’t do without. Increasingly, customers are foregoing traditional “brick and mortar” shops in favor of doing business online.

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The Power of Internet

Harness the Power of the Internet

Today, people buy clothing, insurance, health care products, beauty aids, pet supplies, and almost anything else you can think of simply by pulling up a website and clicking a mouse. They’re even more likely to order a pizza delivery online than they are to pick up the phone. That’s because it’s easy, convenient, and all they need is a credit card or a PayPal account.

As online shopping continues to displace visits to actual, physical locations, it becomes even more important to create unique, easy-to-use websites that will gain you new customers, and keep the customers you already have coming back.

A Great First Impression

Of course you want your website to be attractive, informative and fun to use. At ANKARTA in Orange County, CA we take small business website design and development to unparalleled effectiveness, with sites that are aesthetically pleasing, fully functional, and mobile-responsive. We know that your website is the face of your company, and that you need to deliver a message to your customers, and potential customers, that is clear and invites a response to your call to action. We’ll help you convert visitors into customers with our creative, innovative website designs.

First impression

Website platforms

Hands On or Not

With small business website design from ANKARTA in Orange County, CA you can be as hands-on as you like. We have helped clients across every sector solve their biggest operational and technology challenge by using variety of programming languages, platforms and modules; but we also specialize in WordPress website design and development. WordPress boasts a very user-friendly interface, so once we build your site you can take advantage of an easy learning curve and handle everything on your own, even making changes to the site without our assistance. Of course, if you prefer, we can also handle all your website requirements so that you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

In short, you can participate in the management of your website as much or as little as you choose. Please contact us to learn more about our WordPress maintenance plan.

Fully Responsive

In years gone by, companies only had to develop websites that were desktop and laptop friendly. Today, customers are far more likely to access your website via their tablet or smartphone. Google and other search engines have changed the ways in which they rank websites in order to ensure that mobile users worldwide receive relevant, exciting content. This means that it is vital that your landing pages and blog content are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Small business website design for all devices in San Diego, CA
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Website Design
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User Experience Design
Content Development
Mobile Design
Social Campaigns


Product Design
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Packaging Design
Retail Design


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