Using design, technology and marketing as tools to grow your business

Having an impact in business requires patience, creativity, authenticity, and perseverance. It is a leveled out playing field with design, technology and marketing tools being at everyone’s disposal.

To succeed in this highly competitive you need to be smart. Here are the vital tools that you can use to grow your business.

Technology tools

Technology tools are no longer for giant companies, even your small company can now reap the benefits that come from them. They are cheap, reliable and efficient. With e-commerce at its best, it is barely impossible to cope in the modern business world without these tools.

Social media

Social media is taking over the online business world and your business should change with it. Facebook is the social platform with the highest number of users. Use it to promote your products and services.

Creating a page for your business allows you to access a large number of people in a short period of time. Remember the goal is to have a large market for your products and services.

Use other platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. If your products and services solve your prospective customer’s problems then most of the work is done and concentrate on sales. Most online businesses market their products in this way.


For your business to grow you need facts. There is no better way of doing this than using google analytics or seeking Irvine SEO services. Analytics help you to monitor your customers’ trends based on the available facts.

Mobile payments

This vital technology tool enables you to make transactions from the comfort of your phone. Their many applications out there coded by programmers that will do most of this chunk work for you.

Mobile payments enable you to perform duties such as online invoicing, payment of customers, online budget and filing of taxes. This saves you time and expenses leading to the growth of your business.

In e-commerce, this tool is highly used not only because of its efficiency but speed.

Customer service

Create an online help desk or ticket system that will enable you to solve your customers’ issues from the comfort of your office. This will also help you schedule your customer applications saving you at the expense of hiring a secretary.

Customer service also allows you to conduct online surveys by use of questionnaires. Getting feedback from them enables you to make a well-informed decision that conforms to their preferences.

Organizations such as digital marketing agency orange county offer this service which makes it easier to manage the business.


All businesses need to have a professional businesses email. G-suite enables you to access slides, Google Drive and Google Docs. These apps guarantee business productivity.

Google Docs is an important tool that opens a word document from an e-mail attachment.

On opening the document, store it in Google Drive and share it with other people for feedback. According to research, cloud technology like G-Suite enables businesses scale and grow faster. This helps them outsmart their competitors.

Original Video Content

Your main aim here is to reach as many prospective buyers as possible. Honestly, people don’t have time to look at your long boring paper sheets I don’t either. We all like to be entertained so entertain us.

Create short, educative yet entertaining videos of two to three minutes. Make them as captivating as possible and don’t leave out the important details. Focus on a moving story that will leave it lingering in people’s minds.

Avoid technicalities to reach people from all walks of life. Include client testimonials and it should show how your products and services helped solve a certain problem.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing relies on people’s honest opinions. Use people that you trust as your influencers to share experiences about your products and services. Do this before incorporating it into your business.

Identify prospective buyers and get to understand their goals, challenges and preferred content.

Use accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn, peers, bloggers and publications to understand the potential customers’ likes and interests.

Build social credibility

Your aim is to sway many customers from your competitors to your side. Setting high-end blogs, high-quality whitepapers will certainly perform the trick. Show the potential customers that you are an independent thought leader.

Once developed, share the content to social media, and message boards that the users frequent. Working on your influencers’ network and leverages would take some time but it is worth the effort and investment.

High content value

Competition is at all levels, to beat your competitors you must have a consistent program with high-quality products. Use this marketing tool to foster a strong relationship between the target buyers and your brand.

It would be expensive but using this tool is worth the risk, it preys on the customer’s psychology of giving something back in return if you give them something of high value.

Make sure your content is amazing, unique and better than your competitors. This will help you stand out and move many customers to your side.

Live Event Integration

So much emphasis is put on digital marketing but as it turns out, a little old school is needed. Personal interactions with people create an interest in them. Reasons as to why you should live event integration include;

  • creating brand awareness if your product is new in the market
  • to get feedback from customers on your product.
  • You can also use live event integration when generating new sales.

Customer engagement and brochures

This is a smart strategy in marketing as it helps you have a personal touch with your customers. Create customer portals where you post new products and alert them to upcoming events.

The portal will also allow you to receive suggestions on how to improve your products.

Design tool

Designing in online business is a tool that is slowly catching up. Your product outlook should be appealing and captivating. Hire professional designers to have the job done, digital marketing agency orange county has the best I know.

Online businesses are taking over and if you want your business to grow and remain relevant in this ever-changing and unpredictable business world, you must have the above tools. It all requires patience, and investment. Follow your own path, remain unique and beat your competitors, that is the secret ingredient for business growth.